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Boris & The Jeltsins, the world seen through the eyes of a worried boy
In the summer of 2007, five middleclass boys broke free from the Job Centre shackles to form Boris & The Jeltsins. For those who know their history the name is the first sign of the band’s revolutionary interests.

That the debut single Låt det blöda (jag behöver ingen hjälp) was released on the first of May is not a coincidence either. Straight talking, the band leaves nothing in the hands of destiny.

                Since they, aided with music and cigarettes, turned their back on the everyday grind of life an ironic turn made the whole of Sweden listen. This summer no less than two festival gigs are lined up. The biggest festivals will have to wait a little while though.

                – It’s a bit difficult playing the bigger festivals. Everything is so uptight there. Always the same Moneybrother and that Jenny what’s her name... Jenny Wilson or whatever her name is, says the band’s guitar player Jens Karnstedt.

                Musically it is hard not to associate the band with Paul Weller’s old The Jam or the obvious, Swedish legendary punk band Ebba Grön. But that the music is solely political is something they deny.

                – No, it’s more about seeing the world through the eyes of a worried boy. About a young worried man. That on the other hand gives a sense of politics, Jens explains.

                Boris & The Jeltsins are in many ways unique on the Swedish music scene where very few pop bands tread on the subject of politics. The band has among others things provoked with the message “Death to Reinfeldt” (Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt) all the while clarifying that they want to hang the prime minister high. The band also claims that the music climate of today is dead cold.

                – It’s just the same fucking bands.

                So hopefully Boris & The Jeltsins have left their lives of being cogs in the wheel and the typical Swedish reservedness behind for good. They see it as a necessity to abhor the environment they once grew up in.

                – What the hell, have you grown up in that the hate slowly grows. But there was more angst before. There is something about the predetermined roles people play.

Translation: Marie Lindström

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