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Foto: Karen Canales   
Fulmakten, simple and straight
It was through a rumour about a cancelled gig that Groove first heard about Fulmakten. We fell head over heels for the straight simple punk rock we heard.

– Yes, it was a misspelling from the beginning, Christian says when we ask where he got the name from. Fullmakten (means power of attorney whereas if you take one L away it means the ugly power) would have maybe worked as well.

                Christian, a self critical 25 year old who also plays drums in CDOASS and Almedal, felt he needed a forum to express his own creativity.

                – I have always been in other people’s bands. It is fun to do something on my own Christian says.

                Fulmakten collects its inspiration from among other things old soul, classic punk and progg.

                – KSMB and Nationalteatern are bands I have heard mentioned. But I listen to Ike & Tina. Its amazing how they get that drive with such simple means. That is what I seek to accomplish with my music as well. Simple and straight.

                Christian moved from Norberg, a small town near Fagersta in the county of Västmanland. Göteborg felt like a good city to be in. But he misses Norberg sometimes because of the quietness and for the fact that he can be more creative up there. Norberg/Fagersta was during the mid 90s a good place to grow up in if you were into music.

                – The festival Bergslagsrocken, Burning Heart Records, Hives and 59 Times The Pain were there. It was properly cool.
How do you write the songs?

                – They all stem from me humming them. I record the song ideas on my mobile phone. I would feel trapped if I was sitting there with a guitar. The guitar has its limits but my humming has no limits at all really. Then I record them in my home studio, drum machine, guitar and vocals. I collect material for the lyrics from everything that happens or has happened to me. The record label Korpen Flyger wants to release my album this autumn. It will be an up-tempo album.

                – By then I want to put a band together or arrange a live set so that I can play live as well. I haven’t played live yet. I would most prefer to play with people I don’t know in that case. It would feel strange to have people from Almedal in my band Christian says. The dream is to have a choir consisting of two Tina Turners on a podium dressed in mini skirts and high boots. That would be the ultimate set up.

Translation: Marie Lindström

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