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Le Dupont – the past and the future
With the guitar in one hand and the “good ole red” in the other Le Dupont is about to conquer the world with his summer stenched pop music.

Being the first year alive as Le Dupont, this year would best be described as one long birth process. An accidental musical pregnancy delivered through the to-become-debut-album Tea at Eves. 

I had been studying the recording process of music by playing around with the few songs I had written at different points of my musical past, learning how to manage pro-tools, how to use a michrophone, experimenting with the dynamics and acoustics of different rooms, discovering the importance of arrangements, rhythms and experimental and creative lust.

During this time I also met and made a whole bunch of new dear friends being in the same position as myself, dreamers and musicians, and they all shared their expertise and provided a whole lot of inspiration.

Sometime in May I realised I had made a record, I had produced, recorded and mixed eight songs which I had grown very fond of during the playground sessions, so I thought: "this needs a proper treatment". Ultimatelty, along came the practical stuff as naming the album, naming the "project", creating the artwork for the front- and back-cover etc. etc.

Le Dupont had been born! As the creativity junkie I am I started writing for the follow up already while finishing Tea at Eves, this meant the summer turned out as one long writing binge.

Then autumn came and with a pile of nice words concerning Tea at Eves, a few well recieved live performances and an exhausting period of time spent working in Oslo behind me I started dreaming of the future of Le Dupont.

A month in India turned out to be very effective oxygen for the creative fire, and a simple but charming video-blog-thing of five episodes is to be released in January. So, to sum up 2009 Id best say it has been a year of learning, discovery and realisation, a year of finding out what I want to accomplish musically and creating my own little universe to do that in.

What are your plans for 2010?

– As soon as the calendar hits January 1 Im headed for a house in the country, rigging up the gear for the recording of album number two, growing a beard and zipping the good ole red. There is already a few names booked for guest appearances which Im very exited about, they are all people I have great respect and love for. There is also going to be a lot of documentation going on, photographing and filming, which possibly could result in a documentary or short film of some kind.

While growing my beard and zipping the red Im also going to pursuit my other creative passion - acrylic painting. And who knows, maybe the two will join forces in time for the album release and mate for a really coulorful sleeve?

Hopefully there is going to be a lot more of Le Dupont-on-stage during 2010, join me if you will!


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