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Foto: Oskar Hagbard   
Portrait Painter(s), pop reaching further than Jazzhuset
Everything started in 2008 when the record label Bonjour Recordings’ artwork artist Alexander Gustafsson suddenly presented his own material under the alias of Portrait Painter(s). The debut single Forgive/forget was produced by Adam Bolméus and Kalle von Hall from Bad Cash Quartet.

– My goal with all this from the beginning was to be allowed to play at Jazzhuset (club in Gothenburg). I thought that was big when I lived in the little town of Sätila where I am from Alexander says a little laconically.

                The new single A future crime was produced by Mattias Glavå who dressed the energetic song in strings, something which have become somewhat of a hallmark for the Swedish west coast pop.

                – The second single was released very anonymously; it is just now that I am promoting it. The sound is a bit more rock and not at all indie, because I have recorded it with Mattias Glavå who has tried to make it sound as expensive and exuberant as possible.

                Both singles will end up on a four track EP in fall which will be followed by gigs in the home base, Gothenburg. But it turns out that there are even more ambitious plans than that.

                – I want to make a concept album. It’s like there is no heart in the songs I have now, it is commercial radio material. On the album it will sound totally different. So at the moment I’m looking for a producer who can put some kind of personal mark on the songs. It could be melancholic and acoustic but it could as well be a disco album. It is the songs that are the main things.

                But Alexander Gustafsson hasn’t completely nerded out on music; he is still doing artwork and art. He explains that besides making music will be studying art start an art collective in the centre of Gothenburg.

                – I want to gather talented creative people who can hang out together. That kind of thing is common in Stockholm, you can find it all over Söder (south central part of Stockholm) I mean, the best music in Sweden is from here.

                The so called best music in Sweden is often connected to the Gothenburg indie pop music that Alexander is desperate not to associate himself with.

                – For example, on a new track I have stolen a whole verse from Bob Dylan’s One more cup of coffee (valley below), but everyone is going to say that it sounds like Gothenburg pop just because I’m working with members from Bad Cash Quartet.

Translation: Marie Lindström

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