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Danish Daycare – the career of a Daycare
This is a solid summarize of Daniel jonssons, the man behind Danish Daycares, 2009. And a quick seer into the future.

– 2009 was the year when Daniel Jonssons solo project Danish Daycare came to the surface.

After approximately five years of writing, recording and producing, the album A story of hurt was finally finished and released in November 2009.

It may seem a long time for making the album, but parallel to Danish Daycare Daniel also played in Emerald Park, releasing the album For tomorrow in late 2008, and much time was also spent on live concerts during this period.

The recording of A story of hurt was made entirely by Daniel himself in his studio and simultaneously were also live versions of songs used as back-tracks on live gigs made. Daniel, however, came to the conclusion that he could not make it live alone and therefore he recruited Erik Lindgren and Tobias Borelius for the live performances.

Danish Daycare made a much appreciated concert at Nabben Summer Music Festival in Borås last summer, had a release party in connection with the album´s release, and played in a crowded Vinylbaren in Malmö in December.

The cooperation with the German Af-Music company aroused interest among many reviewers, bloggers and fanzines and Danish Daycare got many excellent reviews abroad.

In Sweden, Danish Daycare participated in the Grooves subscription CD and received good reviews, also various newspapers have shown an interest and made notion of the album.

Radio stations and podcasts have frequently played the first single A purpose to my sins  in for example England, Germany and the USA.

And what about 2010?

– Daniel is in the process of building a new studio, planning new songs for another album and preparing for this years live concerts. 

Debaser, KB, and Lunds Mejeriet are on the list for future performances. 

The German club Hit The North in Hamburg is currently booking live concerts and probably there will be a mini tour in Germany in the spring.

Summer Festivals as Hultsfred, Roskilde, Malmö, and Mölle Festival are on Danish Daycares priority list for this years live concerts.

So keep an eye out for Danish Daycare this spring/summer!


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