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Jesper Norda – key words from a quiet heart
Jesper Nordas quiet and experimental pop has not just found a place in our hearts. It has also found a place on Grooves Eurosonic CD. We asked him a few questions about the past and the future.

– The key words for year 2009 was: calm, discipline and production. I wrote and recorded some songs, which resulted in two self released EP:s: We have the guts and you know. I made one (!) show, a total success a summer evening in the garden of friends house at the countryside. I think there were about 25 people in the crowd. My main output this year was actually in the field of visual art; I did two soloexhibitions, Sandvikens konsthall in march and Kalmar konstmuseum in december.

And what about 2010?

– In the beginning of 2010 I will release April archives collection no 1, an album of collected releases and songs over the last years. I will write some new songs (there are some song in the drawer that wants to take shape ...), maybe perform live a bit more. But first: in january my 4th child is born. That tops everything.


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