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The Voyage – collaborations and fantastic gigs
2009 was a good year for The Voyage. To Groove they talk about their collaboration with one of Swedens most famous guitarist.

– During 2009 we had the opportunity to work with the guitarist Sami Sirviö from one of swedens most famous rockband called Kent. In February -09 we recorded In the snow together with Sami and their producer Stefan Boman.

Short after that a big interview with us was published in the magazine Studio.

By the summer 2009 we were interviewed in swedish national radio P4 and that was even the first time our music was played on the radio.

Besides the recording and promotion we did many fantastic gigs in Sweden.


What are your plans for 2010?

– In January 2010 we will go to Piteå to record some new songs.

This year we also want to find people who work with management, promotion and booking that could help us to take this to a larger scale.


Daniel Magnusson
Joensuu 1685 – religious reverb from Helsinki
Love Is Not My Only Crime – scratching heads and making plans
Danish Daycare – the career of a Daycare
Melodies In Mono – analog ideas
From Our Hearts – and the chemistry between them
Killer Zeus – heading for the big time
This Vision – with new visions
Jenny Wilson – stronger than ever
Skilla – a year of surprises
Adam Tensta – Its a Tensta year
Le Dupont – the past and the future
Susanna Risberg Pop Band – not just a pop band
Riddarna – unconventional rock
Jesper Norda – key words from a quiet heart
Daniel Norgren – brilliant blues
Crescendolls – rockin all over the year
Portrait Painter(s), pop reaching further than Jazzhuset
Boris & The Jeltsins, the world seen through the eyes of a worried boy
Fulmakten, simple and straight
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