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Adam Tensta – Its a Tensta year
It all started with the song My cool, recorded in a closet with egg carton isolation. And now it’s all lookin’ good for Adam Tensta, Swedens currently most exciting hip hop/electro export.

The plans for year 2009 was to start to appear on the international scene. And so I did. After coming back from a stay in Africa with my boys at the end of 2008, when we played in Ethiopia, the Gambia and Senegal, it was time to gaze out over the world for real. Previously Ihave been playing all over Europe with Promoe at the end of 2006, as a supporting act.

– Now it was time to become the main act. I had to do it at venerable establishments such as The Viper Room & The Roxy in Los Angeles and everything felt surreal, I met Björn Gustafsson (famous Swedish comedian) and Salem Al Fakir at the most random of places in Hollywood. I was in the studio with Will-I-Am from Black Eyed Peas and listened to what he had cooked up. I sat in Jimmie Iovines couch and talked music with the Interscope mogul. All this after having recorded a couple of songs in a closet with egg carton isolation.
– During this year, it became much flying back and forth, all in all I think I have been in the United States six or seven trips since the beginning of the year. What I remember most of all is probably my first visit to New York and a frenzy of nine concerts in nine days. The last of these nine concerts took place at Webster hall, and it was a night I never will forget. I got me a taste of the citys vibrant club scene. A place that I will always want to come back to.

– For me 2009 was the year I got to try my wings in the world and fulfill an old dream: to get with my music in TV games.


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